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We are experienced tax professionals that focus on reducing your tax liabilities and maximizing your profits for your business and personal gains. Our 10+years reputation has awarded us higher ranks with all major Tax Banks and we are acknowledge as "The Fastest Growing Tax Company" in our industry.  

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Tax planning and preparation is our specialty. We analyze your filing year expenses to ensure you are receiving every deduction, break and incentive so that you pay no additional taxes or the lowest tax possible.


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When you’re researching home financing options, it’s easy to get a lot of the terminology mixed up. From understanding the different types of loans to remembering the difference between a mortgage pre-qualification and a mortgage loan approval, there’s a lot of new vocabulary to understand. We get it. Buying a home can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. To help you start off on the right foot, we’ve created a handy checklist for the start of your journey — the pre-qualification process! 



A pre-qualification is an estimated maximum loan amount from a lender. It is determined based upon your debt to income ratio, meaning how much money your household makes in a month and how much debt your household carries per month.

A pre-qualification is not a guaranteed loan amount. You are not committed to do business with the lender providing the pre-qualification and the lender is not obligated to provide a loan of any amount.



  • W2’s from current and past employers (to show consisity of employer history)
  • Pay check stubs (30 days)
  • Bank Statements (60 days of transactions)
  • Last 2 years tax returns (AGI is the focus)
  • Gift Letter / Down payment Assistance Approval Letter (if using funds) 
  • List of your debts and assets (debt to income ratio should not exceed 40%)
  • Proof of timely rental payments (to show responsibility)
  • Consent to access Credit Report (640 or higher is recommended) 


Once you receive a pre-qualified loan amount from your lender, you’ll have the peace of mind that you can move forward with the home-buying process. You’ll also be able to start thinking more realistically about the amount you can afford for a new home. When your lender sends your pre-qualifying loan amount to you, the information should include an estimated loan amount for your max budget, plus your estimated monthly house payment. But keep in mind, the estimated monthly house payment may change once you move into the loan approval stage — depending on the amount of taxes, interest, fees and insurance you’ll need to pay on your loan. You’ll know what your final monthly house payment is once you’ve finalized your home selection and have provided your down payment amount and your credit information.

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